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Less is More for Beautiful Healthy Hair

Washing a customer's hair

Products You Really Need For Your Hair

Most individuals spend quite a bit of money on hair care products each month. So, if you are among those spending a bunch of money on these products, you may be shocked to learn that you can get many of the same quality products for less.  And, you also have to take into consideration what you actually need to use.  Keep in mind that using too many products can really damage your hair. So, what is the solution to all of these problems that still allow you to have great hair?

  1. Purchase only what you need and work towards having healthier hair. For example, you may think you need mousse, gels and other hair styling products, but in fact healthy natural hair does not require nearly all these products. A good example of this is products that supposedly add shine to your hair. You can add organic coconut oil to your hair for a natural shine, don’t over wash and get great results.

  2. Keep in mind that what you are actually putting on your hair may be toxic chemicals and sprays which is made worse when you spend hours blow drying it. The best result here is to simply reduce the amount of chemicals added. You may want to start using organic products. These work well and do not hurt your hair in the process.

  3. Don’t wash your hair every day. You don’t need to and it strips many of the nutrients from your hair that it need.

  4. Use minimal amounts of any product that you do use. Follow the directions on the product. Chances are good that you need far less than you are using.

  5. Switch out conditioners and shampoos every few months. These are often leaving residue in your hair and after a while it can build up. Switching to another brand product every few months will help you get a better clean feeling.

  6. Minimize the use of your hair dryer, too. This too aids in the breakdown of your hair.

  7. Most importantly, take care of your hair. Don’t keep it up in a ponytail or braids too long and be sure that you are spending some time having it professionally cut. All of these small things add up to very impressive hair.


Washing a customer's hair

Homemade Shampoo

You can make your own natural chemical-free shampoo, here are things you need to get:

Combine the ingredients and make sure it’s well blended. Place the mixture in a squeeze bottle or an empty shampoo bottle. Use as you would a normal shampoo and rinse with cool water

Once you’ve begun using your own natural shampoo, you will want to start making your own natural conditioner too.

Homemade conditioner

A great recipe for a homemade conditioner consists of:

1/2 cup Wholefoods 365 Conditioner

1 tsp NOW Foods Organic Jojoba Oil, 4 ounce
Jojoba oil

5 drops Lavender NOW Foods Lavender Oil, 2 ounce

Mix together well and apply after washing your hair.  Leave on 2 minutes and rinse with cool water.  Squeeze excess water with a damp cloth.  Towel drying causes frizzes.

Daily Treatment for Dry Ends

A very easy way to treat your dry ends is to apply a few drops of olive oil or vegetable oil to the palms of your hands, rub them together and apply the oil to the tips of your hair. You’ll immediately notice the difference. Just take care not to apply too much oil as it can make fine hair heavy and limp.

For more natural recipes:

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